Schedule An Appoinment

Ana’s Telephone Appointments

In a phone appointment, I will explain the general process and overview of the steps you will be going through in your case.  I will also answer any general questions you may have.


A phone appointment is not specific to your situation.

I do not give advice or offer opinions in a phone call.


This is scheduled as a 15-minute phone call, and is FREE.

Ana’s Glendale Office Appointments

There is a fee of $300 for an initial 1-hour consultation.  This fee is not applied towards any future fees should you decide to hire me.  A consultation is a detailed discussion about your situation, the potential issues in your case, your rights, our strategy, your exposures, and expectations.  If you have an existing court case, bring any paperwork you have or ask me what to bring.


My consultation is not free because I spend 1 hour with you and share years of my experience in that hour.  You will receive value for that consultation, in the form of knowledge, empowerment and peace of mind.  I will also give you paperwork to work on depending on the type of case.


My office is in Glendale, I validate the parking, and when you make your appointment, I will be ready for you on the dot.  I prefer to meet in person.  In the event you are unable to come to my office, we can have the consultation by phone or Zoom video conference.  I accept credit card, check or cash at the time of the consultation.