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Phone appointments are available to prospective clients for no-charge. A phone appointment involves answering general questions and discussing the legal services involved.

Office meetings are scheduled if a prospective client requests specific and detailed evaluation of their case. A consultation fee is charged for office meetings.

Hiring Our Office

If you decide to hire us, representation commences once a written fee agreement is executed, and payment arrangements are made. Our fee structures vary by the case.

Attorney Fee Options

Depending upon the type of case, fees may be reasonable hourly rates where the services performed will be charged at the hourly rate and billed against the retainer provided. In addition, the client is responsible to pay any out-of-pocket expenses, such as court filing fees and messenger services. A retainer is provided to engage Ms. Barsegian’s services, and the amount of the retainer depends upon the circumstances of your case. Clients rightfully want to know how much this will all cost. This depends on the factors of your case, from the unreasonableness of the opposing party, complexity of your issues, and your specific goals. It is impossible to guarantee a maximum amount. Keeping this in mind, our office consults with you regarding the options available to you, the likelihood of success on the issues, and the cost v. benefit analysis.

We understand that hiring an attorney and providing a retainer fee is not financially possible for some clients. If you are interested in hiring an attorney to help you with a specific aspect of your case but do not wish to retain an attorney on all the issues, unbundled family law services (also known as Limited Scope Representation) are an option. This option allows the client to self-represent while obtaining the legal services needed. To minimize your legal costs, we offer family law services for certain tasks or issues, such as attending a court hearing, filing a Request for Order or specific motion, and assisting in document preparation. Going through the family law courts involves multi step processes, and depending on your specific needs, our office is available to assist you.

We also offer flat fee arrangements for clients. This arrangement is usually available for drafting legal documents, attending a court hearing with you, document preparation services, uncontested matters.

You Have Choices

Our goal is to tailor fees to fairly capture the level of service and work provided and the value conferred to our client. We also provide payment plans, and accept credit cards.

To help clients manage their attorney fees and costs, Law Office of Ana Barsegian provides online payments made from the privacy of their home using PayPal. Credit card payments through PayPal are available only to existing clients. Please click on the Payment tab and you will be directed to a secure site to make your payment.