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Our Foundation

The Law Office of Ana Barsegian was established in 2006 on a foundation of commitment, advocacy, and a determination to help our clients achieve clarity and resolution in their family law case. We understand that each family law matter is unique and requires a specific case plan and strategy.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and approach of your case is best described by Benjamin Franklin when he said “well done is better than well said.” At the Law Office of Ana Barsegian, we move your case along. Your case has our attention and dedication until it is resolved, and we work alongside with you, to accomplish your goals, and obtain finality.

It’s All About You

We work closely with our clients to craft their specific needs, and take pride in being more than just a business. We respect our clients by understanding their emotional well being, as well as preserving their financial welfare, with their family law case. The goal of our representation is to provide you with realistic expectations, and work closely with you to preserve your family’s assets, rather than wasting them on unnecessary legal expenses. We accomplish your specific legal action by being honest, performing with integrity, being compassionate, and always providing you with the cost v. benefit analysis.

The Real World

Too often in modern legal practice, cases are passed off to paralegals or temporary contract attorneys. Our office is not set up to run your case through a mill, or for you to never meet and speak with the attorney working on your case. Our office is structured where our attorney Ms. Barsegian will handle your case. You need to know what is going on, and you need to have your questions answered. Rest assured you will always know the developments of your case. We strive to be accessible by phone and email, and provide the flexibility of meeting you on a weekend or after work.

The Plan

It’s our belief that a client and attorney need to work together in devising and reaching their specific goals. You will receive a custom-tailored approach to your case. Whether you need an attorney to start a divorce, need help with child support and child custody, or need a divorce attorney to help you navigate the uncontested divorce process, you will know the options available to you. The practice of family law is all encompassing, including uncontested divorce, paternity, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, and problems arising after a divorce has been finalized, such as child support arrears, modifications, and enforcement of judgment terms. We work with you to identify issues, and the best way of reaching your goals.

Since we live in a world where individuals have different tolerances and perspectives different from our own, we recognize that not every client enjoys the legal ride, a court battle, and the costs involved. As lawyers, we love to go to court and fight for you. But reality is that going to court costs money. Most of our clients simply want the most cost effective path to resolving their case. While our office is equipped to aggressively litigate, it is always our goal to settle cases. In divorce and whenever family disputes arise, we encourage clients to consider mediation and settlement.

Our office represents its clients through skilled negotiation, whether the settlement is negotiated directly with the opposing counsel, or in the context of a complex settlement mediation.

Conveniently located in Glendale, Ms. Barsegian routinely appears in courts throughout the greater Los Angeles area, the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, Pasadena, Torrance, Norwalk, and other family law courts of Los Angeles.